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My Tactical Family

My husband and I realized a long time ago that if you are going to raise a child or children in a world that resembles a battlefield or disaster zone, that you need to operate like you are in a battlefield or a disaster zone.

Each member of our family is a different person, individuals that learn, act and respond differently to situations, instructions and events. It is no easy task to raise nine children in a world that has become far from family-friendly and it is even harder to be the same parent to such an array or personalities.

The continuity and the structure that the Tactical Family approach provides has been a lifesaver (literally) and we are proud to be able to share what we have learned and what we are learning with all of you.

We have nine children which creates an atmosphere in our home that would be perfect for a sitcom. Each child is completely different from the next, each has a unique sense of humor, each has a specialty when it comes to skill sets and each one learns differently. What a challenge!

In order to raise this many children, you have to constantly have to have your “head on a swivel” and make sure that you not only are training correctly and daily, but you have to be aware of the threats that exist that topple the whole thing.

The most common question we receive when we have all the children in tow is “Are they all yours?”  The answer is always the same…

“They are on loan.”

We believe that God has blessed us with this family and these children for a reason and we are blessed to be chosen as the ones that will direct their lives but we know that they are ultimately God’s children and they are on loan to us. Because of this knowledge, we are forever aware of the vast responsibility we have to train our children in such a way that we can stand proudly before God and report that we did our very best.  The Tactical Family approach is helping us do that and we hope that you find it to be powerful and helpful as you traverse parenthood as well.



Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.


TF TIP#43: NEVER make eye contact with a child as they are falling asleep. They will sense your excitement and abort the mission.


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