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Below you will find resources, apps and links that I have found to be helpful. Remember...each pregnancy is different so not all of these work for everyone. Find your favorites and share!


Medicaid Health Insurance
For those women without private insurance who need access to prenatal care, there are options.
Texas Medicaid Program is available to those who qualify by virtue of their income, residency, and pregnancy status.
CHIP Perinatal provides prenatal care for those mothers who do are not eligible for Medicaid due to their income or residency status.
In addition, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission offers the
Title V Maternal & Child Health Fee-For-Service so uninsured mothers can receive prenatal care through participating contractors if they meet certain income criteria.
Texas Women’s Health Program provides low-income women with family planning exams, related health screenings and contraception through Texas Medicaid.

Apps for Pregnant Teens

  • Pregnancy and Baby Development Tracker

    • There are several options from which to pick. Download a few and find what you like best! Or, be like me and read all of them because they can have something unique to share about each milestone and new changes. I wanted to learn all the things.

  • Mama Natural

    • This app is great for reading articles and learning about more natural approaches to pregnancy and baby if that’s your thing! As a mom, you’ll spend many years reading different approaches to parenting, medical care, and school decisions so you can decide what is best for you. That can start now to make an informed decision!

  • Baby Names

    • Names are such an essential part of our identity, and choosing a name for our baby is one of the most fun parts of pregnancy. This app explores thousands of names, meanings, and popularity to help you find the perfect name for your baby.

  • Baby Pics Photo Editor

    • This is the best app for the belly and baby milestone photos we all love to awe over! I wish that I had documented my growing belly more when I was a pregnant teen. Regardless of your pregnancy situation, there is a beautiful life within you, and celebrating that is okay!

  • Contraction Timer

    • Once you get into the later months of pregnancy, this app can be helpful to time contractions and know when to call your healthcare professional or head to your birthing place.


WIC Breastfeeding Support
During a woman’s pregnancy, the WIC Program teaches her how to breastfeed. Once she’s had her baby, WIC provides peer counseling and support as well as breast pumps and other breastfeeding supplies. Breastfeeding moms on WIC also receive more food and for a longer time period.

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